Bellies, Bowls, live performance

I place as many bowls and teacups of wine as possible on my body; then I breathe deeply. Both body and bowls are delicate vessels whose balance is essential and precarious. A portrait of the sacrificial and purity.


Interiors, video

An exploration of intimate and delicate touches, bodies, interiors, opening secrets, and memory. Filmed in my kitchen and bedroom. Screened at ArtZond Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Ingredients of Her, live performance

An organic sculptural display of the feminine: the body 'is made of' and makes. It is a kitchen. The woman is a conjurer, a poised sacrifice, and a constant maker. The ingredients of a cake came out of my dress and hair in peculiar, magical ways. I ripped my dress for flour to spew out. Eggs were hidden in my hair. Milk poured out from under my skirt, I dripped vanilla down my arm, like blood; I washed my own feet to mash butter by dancing on it. Then I stirred the ingredients with my cleansed toes. While the cake baked, I gave a poetic theoretical speech concerning female artists who explore the body as a feeding mechanism, while the warm sweet smell of the baking cake filled the space. Performed at Mainsite Contemporary Art, Norman, OK.


Fill Me Up and Don’t Destroy, video, collaboration with Molly Youngblood, SAIC

A visually visceral experience with blueberries, a female hand, and Mason jars. My disembodied hand tries to grab the berries deep inside the jar in a futile attempt to not squish the delicate fruit. The berries fill another jar to the brim. Created for The Telephone Project, an international virtual exhibition. Curated by Nathan Langston.


Spinning, performance for video

Two bodies fuse with red yarn. First delicately, then erratically and almost violent. Then, the two bodies are separated again with a saw. Collaboration with Amy Luznicky. Performed during international online exhibition Low Lives IX. Curated by Jorge Rosas. Screened at the International Traveling Exhibition: Crossing Borders, curated by Emergent Art Space, San Francisco, CA / Galería de la Ciudad, Tijuana, Mexico / Gallery Gong, Seoul, South Korea


Vessels, live performance

I attached over 100 clear bottles filled with red and white wine, and one with milk, to my body with string and fish hooks and silently invited viewers to drink from me. Performed at Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY. 


Tiny Metamorphoses, video

Tiny Metamorphoses explores metamorphosis while fusing the domestic, macabre, and delicate. I collect small trinkets and organic materials like bugs, bones, hair, rotting fruit rinds, peculiar flowers and antique jewelry and make them dance, fuse, fight with, and eat each other. By anthropomorphizing inanimate—and dead— objects, I offer an abstract, peculiarly playful narrative of transmutation. Screened at the Midwest Interdisciplinary Conference: Animacy, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI.  


Transplanting, live performance

An exploration of resettling, uprooting, reorienting, and readapting. I use my body and leaves to make imprints, outlines, and extensions of my body, ultimately giving "birth" to every single leaf piled on my stomach. Performance during the inaugural First Friday on Film Row at Oklahoma Contemporary in Oklahoma City, OK.